Fluoride Products price 1. Molecular Formula:BaF2 CAS NO.:7787-32-8 Molecular Weight :175.34 2. Property: It is a white granular 3. Sepcification(%): BaF298min SrF23.0max S0.1max P0.01 max Pb0.01 max Hg0.0005 max H2O0.1 max Bulk Density 鈥?Tapped1.8gms./CC Approx Mesh Size:1 - 35mesh100min -40 mesh100min -200mesh50max -325 mesh10max Mesh Size:2 - 35mesh100min - 60mesh100min -200mesh50max -325mesh10max 4. Application: Preservative, enamel, optical glass and fiber, laser generator, coating and chemicals. 5. Packing: In 25kg bag. UN No.: 1564; Class: 6.1Fluoride Products price website: