Brass Angle Valve

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Brass AngBrass Angle ValveBrass Angle ValveBrass Angle Valvele Valve

Brass Angle Valve Description: Angle valve is a valve that controls hot and cold water. The outlet of the angle valve is at a 90 degree right angle with the inlet. The flow of hot and cold water can be adjusted through this 90 degree right angle. There are three inlet, outlet and water volume control ports of the angle valve, so some people also call the angle valve "triangle valve". Feature: (1) The main body of the all brass triangular valve adopts the stamping forging process and is manufactured by precision machining. It is natural, solid and durable. (2) Advanced electroplating treatment is adopted in the process. After multiple coatings of acid copper, nickel and chromium, the electroplated coating has good combination, fine adhesion, uniform color, excellent corrosion resistance, bright appearance and never fade. (3) The high-quality all brass聽body is forged from refined brass, which eliminates the hidden danger of pores and water leakage in the production of traditional sand casting. (4) Streamlined design, novel and fashionable style, in line with lead-free standards, no harm to human body, in line with the concept of environmental protection.Brass Angle Valve website: