Resonant System factory

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Resonant System factory Resonant System factory Resonant System factory

Resonant System factory Overview Battery Charge and Discharge Tester is a multi-functions equipment which is integrated into charge, discharge, regeneration and on line monitoring. It can reduce the enterprise cost and the maintenance staff labor intensity, for batteries and UPS power supply maintenance to provide comprehensive scientific testing means. Main Functions and Features 鈼廡he product is utilized color touch screen. It can be operated via finger or the touch pen with convenience and flexibility 鈼廜ver Voltage, Over- current and over- heating protection. Charging Function锛?/strong> The charger automatically performs the charging in strict accordance with the curve of charging characteristic of storage battery. Designed charging mode is as follows: constant current charging鈫?(stabilized voltage at uniform charging) current-reducing constant-voltage constant charging 鈫?(automatically judge and turns to) 鈫?trickle floating charging. Advantages: quick charging, high charging recovery rate, no need of watch out, no overcharging incident in an extremely long-time charging, and assuring the service life of storage battery. The client set up the parameters of 鈥?Uniform Charging voltage鈥? 鈥?Float Voltage鈥?,鈥漵ingle voltage limit鈥? 鈥渃harging current鈥? 鈥渃harging time鈥? 鈥渃harging capacity鈥?etc, The equipment will automatically perform the charging process, and real-time display of the charging current, charging capacity, the whole set of voltage, single cell battery voltage, charging time and other information; The client can modify the charging parameters in the charging process锛沇hen the charging time reaches the set time, the filling capacity reaches the set capacity, charging module abnormal or artificial termination operation can stop charging operation. During the test when the test to the whole group or single cell abnormalities or the equipment works abnormally, it will automatically terminate the test so that the battery can be protected. Discharge, charge and regeneration function: The equipment will start the work after having finished the settings of discharge and charge parameters under the battery string separating from the system. When the discharging is finished and then is converted into the phase of the charging automatically. The host machine of tester adopts the design integrating the monitoring part with power part, the power part adopts new-type high-effective parts, and it is a storage battery comprehensive tester with small volume and high efficiency High-brightness, large-screen LCD, and the display effect are clear and beautiful Technical Specifications Environment Conditions Work Temperature:(-20锝?5)鈩?/p> Storage Temperature:(-45锝?0)鈩?/p> Relative Humidity: 90% (40卤2鈩? Atmospheric pressure:(70锝?06)kPa Power Supply: AC220V卤10% Single phase 50Hz Working voltage of charging module: AC380V 50Hz Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery Rated Voltage of Battery String:220V Charging Current: 0-30A (Actual current as per the customer鈥檚 requirements) 1) (Actual current as per the customer鈥檚 requirements) Discharging current: 0-100A 2) Discharge voltage range of constant current: 180锝?80V Voltage resolution: 1%; Current resolution: 1% Cell voltage type: 2V/6V/12V Cell Voltage Resolution 2V/6V锛?.001V 12V:0.01V Display: 7inch color touch screen Efficiency :鈮?2锛?/p> Power Factor; 鈮?.9 Dielectric strength; Input of enclosure: 鈮C1500V; Output of enclosure:鈮C500V Average Trouble-free time: 鈮?0000h temperature threshold for Overheat shutdown : (80锝?5)鈩?/p> FAQ Q: Can you provide the FBA shipping service? A: Yes, we have the good experience in providing the professional FBA service. Q:How about your after-sale policy and term? A:We have a special after-sales department. If there is any problem, we will provide you with a solution within 24 hours.The warranty period is one year. Q:How to control product quality? A:We have QC person stay on the production lines do to the inspection.All products must have been inspected before delivery.we do inline inspection and final inspection. 1.All raw material checked once it arrive our factory. 2.All pieces and logo and all details checked during production. 3.All packing details checked during production. 4.All production quality and packing checked on final inspection after finished. Q:Where is your factory located? A:502, Unit 1, Wensheng Building, Guanggu Core Center, 303 Guanggu Avenue, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China Q:What are the competitive advantages? A:We are factory ,we can guarantee our price is first-hand, High quality and competitive price.Resonant System factory website: