China Prismatic Cell manufacturers

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China Prismatic Cell manufacturersChina Prismatic Cell manufacturers

China Prismatic Cell manufacturers High Capacity 52ah 3.2v Prismatic Battery Cell Byd Lifepo4 Battery Cells For Energy Storage System which can customize 12v, 24v, 48v etc battery pack for solar storage system to have great and efficiently performance. Prismatic lifepo4 3.2v 52Ah battery cell can use to make 48v, 60v, 72v etc battery pack used on electric scooter, three wheeler electric scooter and golf cart etc. Features 1.Longer life cycle with over 3000 times; 2.Portable with Small size and light weight; 3.Good discharge performance; 4.More safe and environmental protection; 5.Higher power discharge; 6.Higher temperature resistance. Specification Factory Tour Why Choose Us FAQ 1). Are the batteries GRADE-A,Brand NEW? A: Yes, GRADE A quality. the QR code is intact, Brand new. 2). What kind of the package of the cells? A: Pack with strong package, each cell into thickness PE foam or bag, then into 5 layers strong carton. 3). What's the Lead time of the battery? A: 3-10 work days; Specific Lead time depend on the quantity and requirement.China Prismatic Cell manufacturers website: