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Wholesale CNC Introduction This Stainless Steel Cnc Machining Parts Service is widely used in heavy industry, light industry, household goods industry and building decoration industry because of their excellent corrosion resistance, moldability, compatibility and toughness over a wide temperature range. Secondly, the performance of our products at higher temperatures is better than other carbon steels. It has better fire resistance because of its higher strength retention factor at high temperature (above 500鈩?. It also has a better stiffness retention factor compared to carbon steel above 300掳C. Advantage This Stainless Steel Cnc Machining Parts Service is a fully recyclable alloy consisting of iron, carbon and 11-18% chromium. This hardens and toughens it, increasing its resistance to corrosion at high temperatures and preventing rusting. Stainless steel is very strong, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and sterilise and is particularly useful for medical equipment. zui is resistant to extreme temperatures and is ideal for welding. Information Machining type: CNC machining center Machining Accuracy: Finishing Diameter: Customized mm Length: Customized mm Processing material: multi-material optional Tolerance: 0.01mm Processing steps: 1. Check the parts drawings to understand the product shape, process requirements, etc. 2. Determine the processing content and processing route. 3. Calculate the coordinates of the base point and the node. 4. Write specific processing programs. 5. Process the parts (roughing鈫抐inishing), the quality of the workpiece and the surface finish, and the processing is completed and accepted. The process of Stainless steel cnc machining parts service: polishing and polishing 鈫?oxidation 鈫?painting, powder spraying 鈫?laser engraving 鈫?silk screen printing and other processes. Quality inspection: The quality inspection department uses the instrument to carry out quality inspection of the product, and confirms that it is packaged and shipped out of the warehouse.Wholesale CNC website:http://www.zbxprecisionparts.com/cnc/