Hypromellose Phthalate HPMCP Our History ILE was founded in 1996 as a manu

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Hypromellose Phthalate HPMCP Our History ILE was founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of advanced polymeric film coating systems,

Hypromellose Phthalate HPMCP Our History ILE was founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of advanced polymeric film coating systems, with the capability to provide technical support for the formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms in the China Market. In 2016, Also established Medieye Holding company to cover the business of global procurement and overseas sales. Our Factory ILE is located in the Chinese city of Tianjin as a global supplier of coating materials. China's first independent research and development, production, and marketing suppliers are film coating agents. Controlled manufacturing area in compliance with cGMP: 1000 m2 Cleanroom classification: 100,000 Capacity: 600,000 kg/year Our Product Film Coatings-EASPRAY, Film Coatings-EASTROL, Film Coatings-EASCOL, Food&Feed Additives, Excipients, Food&Feed Additives, Excipients Product Application Coating materials are widely used in tablets, granules, Solid dosage forms, and so on. Our Certificate In the Year 2000, ILE company passed the authentication of Tianjin high-tech enterprises In the Year 2004, the "film coating agent insoluble pigment processing methods" won the national invention patent In the Year 2006, Obtained ISO9001: 2000 certificate issued by the French International Quality Certification Ltd (BVQI) In the Year 2007, get SFDA issued 鈥淓thylcellulose Aqueous Dispersion 鈥漝rug registration certificate锛?Approval code: Chinese medicine F20070001 In the Year 2010, 鈥淔ishing enteric oral vaccines and its preparation method鈥濓紝 won the national invention patent In the year 2012, ILE's Environmental protection Film Coating Materials approved as Tianjin Innovation Fund Project from the Ministry of Science and The technology of China; In the year 2012, ILE's film coating products get DMF from US FDA; Until the year 2012, ILE already passed the audit by multinational companies, such as Pfizer-Wyeth, GSK, ISP, Ashland, Bristol-Myers Squibb. In the year 2012, ILE enter into Pfizer-Wyeth global supplier list Production Equipment By GMP standard management, the most advanced international High-speed powder dispersing equipment. The most advanced international color matching system, to control the production process on-line Production Market built commercial partnerships in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries in the United States, Germany, Italy, Southeast Asia, South America, South Africa, the Middle East, and other countries and areas throughout the world. Our service Technical Center 鈥?Customized Services to meet customers鈥?requests Formula Design Color Design Core tablet Design Special tablet Design for Herbal Medicine Coating technology training Logistics center (1) 600 m2 storage space (2) Design storage capacity of 100T (3) Importer, exporter of goods (4) Logistics plan (5) Storage and transportation (6)Raw materials procurement Build a strong technical team, and take "Technical Services" as our core competitiveness. The number of experts in film coating technology For many years, experts in the field of solid dosage have been involved. Professional quality inspection staff and laboratory personnel. Cooperative relations with the Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, the College of Pharmacy, and domestic research institutions were established.Hypromellose Phthalate HPMCP website:http://www.ile-filmcoating.com/