Best Farming Methods for FFXIV Gil

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Best Farming Methods for FFXIV Gil

FFXIV’s Gil is an essential currency that can be used to purchase equipment, weapons, furniture, and more. By prioritizing high-demand items, leveraging crafting and gathering classes, and utilizing Treasure Maps, players can maximize their profit potential. Gathering classes may not net as much Gil as crafting, but they have the added benefit of costing nothing other than time. Look for base materials like ores or unique dyes to sell on the Market Board.

Treasure Maps

Obtaining sufficient Gil is essential to fully enjoy the rich gameplay experiences in Final Fantasy XIV. Whether it's through combat, crafting or gathering, making substantial amounts of money requires dedication and understanding of the game's economy.

Fortunately, there are many tried and true methods for players to make a lot of Gil in a short period of time. Many of these strategies are better suited for more advanced players, and they may require investment in gear and knowledge of the market board's price fluctuations. Regardless, they can still prove to be a valuable source of income. In addition, the latest 6.3 update introduced new Treasure Maps that grant players significant Gil rewards. These rare dungeons feel procedurally generated, and can be a fun way to make some extra cash.

Daily Roulette

One of the most popular ways to make money in FFXIV is through the Market Board, which allows players to sell items they no longer need at a profit. However, this is best suited to players with a high level of capital who can take advantage of price fluctuations.

Another method of making Gil is by taking on Beast Tribe Quests, which reward a good amount of Tomestones and Ventures. These can be sold on the Market Board, and also offer a range of unique materials such as rare dyes. Another way to farm is through the daily roulettes that are available, which provide a good amount of experience for your job and also reward a decent amount of best way to earn gil ffxiv. The most recent dungeons that make up Expert Roulette are Lapis Manalis and Fell Court of Troia, and they provide an easy weekly cap of Allagan tomestones.

Crafting and Gathering

For those who enjoy the challenge of mastering a craft, or simply can’t stand the endless procession of dungeons that makes up most of Final Fantasy XIV, crafting and gathering can provide a solid source of gil. Those who are quick to level their crafts and sell their items on the Market Board can reap significant profits.

Another nice thing about crafting is that it’s a good way to make money when new gear and weapons come out. The Collectables required for the Crafters’ Scrips that accompany these new items usually have a high demand, and those who can quickly collect and sell them will earn a profit.

There are also some fun hunting opportunities that can be used to farm gil. For example, the Rock of Ravatogh has a few hunts that reward a decent amount of gil, including a Royal Arm. There’s also the Verinas Mart Rest Stop hunt that tasks players with defeating a flock of nearby wyverns and rewarding them with unique dyes and furnishings.


FFXIV players who make a lot of Gil can use effective strategies to maximize their earning potential. By prioritizing high-demand items, engaging in market research, leveraging crafting and gathering professions, and participating in treasure maps and events, players can make the most of their Gil-farming endeavors.

Another way to earn a steady flow of Gil is by keeping crafting and gathering classes up-to-date with content. New things sell for a premium price, especially when they’re crafted and sold quickly, so keeping these classes up to date can be very lucrative. Taking Tomestones of Poetics to Hismena in Rowena’s Center for Cultural Promotion in Idyllshire and Bertana in the gil shop in Gridania can result in Grade 3 Shroud and Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoils, respectively. These can be traded to the gil shop for good amounts of gil. This is a simple but effective farming method that can be repeated over and over. However, this strategy cannot guarantee a player will become filthy rich, as the prices of Topsoils can fluctuate greatly from one day to the next.